We all know a thing or two about to-do lists. They’re a staple in our modern society. We’re supposed to make them and check as many things off of them as possible each and every day.

But what if instead of creating to-do lists, we created to-be lists? I know how much time can be spent on to-do lists, and I think if we spent that same amount of time on to-be lists, we’d all be much more of the person we strive to be.

While it’s a similar exercise, the mindset is a little different. Instead of creating a list with tasks, you make a to-be list focused on how you want to show up and the person you want to be.

Let’s say that I had an item on my to-be list that was to be a calmer driver. That’s a pretty clear goal and one that is easy to create to-do’s around.

For example, I will take deep breaths when someone cuts me off. I will play some good music or listen to a funny audiobook when I am stuck in traffic. While there are to-do’s associated, the end isn’t just a task being completed, but me being a better version of myself.

Here are a few other examples:

To-be list item: I want to be healthy and fit.

To-do list to make it happen: Eat right, exercise at least four times a week, and take time for meditation and relaxation.

To-be list item: I want to be a better friend.

To-do list items to make it happen: Be more compassionate, listen more than you talk, and express gratitude for the person.

So, think about your to-be list and maybe create some to-do’s to support your to-be’s.

Life is good.


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